John Dickinson Redux

David Sutherland Releases Limited Series of Dickinson Designs

Laurann Claridge
January 06, 2012

For everyone who covets the late designer John Dickinson’s iconic plaster furnishings but has yet to snag the rare piece at auction, we have good news. David Sutherland, the gentleman who first represented the California designer in Texas, has acquired the rights from Dickinson’s estate to reproduce some of his most important pieces in a limited series. Starting this month with 12 and adding two more designs next summer, Sutherland is producing the small and medium African tables, the Footed table and the Hoofed table, which are recognizable by their paw and hoof feet, as well as the table with Rope Tie, the naturalist Tree Stump pedestal and the Twig lamp and mirrors. Dickinson’s white-plaster tables, lamps and even beds, many produced in the ’70s, were quite fragile, but thanks to technical innovations, the Sutherland John Dickinson Collection will be reproduced with a lightweight glass-fiber-reinforced concrete that can withstand moisture, freezing conditions and rust, so most can be used outdoors as well. Exclusively to the trade at David Sutherland Showrooms.