Objets de Ding

Wisteria Flea Market

Holly Moore
June 27, 2012

Beloved Wisteria, the catalog of fabulous home decoratives founded and owned by Andrew and Shannon Newsom (his mom is Lisa Newsom, founder of Veranda magazine; her mom is Jane Moore, lauded Houston antiques dealer and decorator), is based in Dallas, with a retail store and warehouse space on Cedar Springs near Love Field Airport. But even the pros at Wisteria occasionally ding an object or over-buy an item, so voilà: Wisteria Flea Market, located just behind the main outlet, with up to 60 percent off. Unlike the preternaturally popular biannual warehouse sale (which will continue to happen) where hundreds start lining up at the crack of dawn, the Wisteria Flea Market is open a civilized Monday through Saturday, 10 am to 6 pm. 6500 Cedar Springs, 214.350.3115; wisteria.com.