For She's a Jolly Good Pillow

Amy Adams
October 02, 2012

Your couch: “Oh my gosh, I’m so honored to meet you!”

Anna Wintour pillow: (silence)

Your couch: “Seriously, I’m such a big fan of American Vogue.”

Anna Wintour pillow: (silence)

Your couch: “I’ve had a subscription since I was just a cushion!”

Anna Wintour pillow (avoiding eye contact): “I see you’re still here. Can you send someone to
plump me?”

New Yorker Gaston Marticorena gets you up close and personal with the imperious editrix: four different front-row designs digitally printed on sumptuous cotton and stuffed with the finest goose down. We can’t imagine her allowing it any other way. 18” square pillows $310 each, at Grange Hall.