Billy Fong Sez

I’ve long considered joining a book club…

Billy Fong
October 02, 2012

Like croquet, it’s an excuse to gather a group and drink. Problematically, I have little time for a lengthy tome and don’t need to discuss Fifty Shades of Grey with yet another Highland Park gal pal. Therefore, I opted to convene a coven of fashionistas to discuss the eagerly anticipated September fashion magazine issues. The best setting for this scene, of course, would be me and the crew smocked up while drinking champagne in the waiting area of Fekkai.

 With the planets in perfect alignment, I confirmed Regan Landreth/Miss L (the current Fort Worth “it” girl), Piper Wyatt/Miss W (so lucky to score a Louisiana girl — nothing makes me giggle more than Southern wit), the incredibly charming Cecily Gooch/Miss G and the divine Ann Hobson/Miss H. Since we all hate homework, I simply asked everyone to pick-up the offerings from Vogue, Elle and Harper’s Bazaar. In the interest of time, I did not include my go-to, Vanity Fair. Their Best Dressed List is usually spot on, and there is always a new Coppola sibling or Greek shipping heir making their presence known through cutting-edge ensembles. We won’t go into details (unless you want to send me an e-mail on the topic), but my fave girl from the 2012 list was H.H. Sheikha Moza bint Nasser of Qatar. I love me a ginger, so Eddie Redmayne tops the men’s list, without a doubt.

We assembled at the Hotel Palomar’s Central 214 patio bar and sampled delicious treats from chef Graham Dodds. The conversation was loose and free-flowing, thanks to the equally free-flowing cocktails. Keep in mind, this was not meant to be a critique of the fall collections, but rather our commentary on magazines and advertisements. However, we did have some insane thoughts in common. The weirdest was our current two favorite lines: The Row and Victoria Beckham. We all realized that if we had been told 10 years ago that those twins from Full House and a Spice Girl would create the most brilliant, edgy-yet-wearable fashion we would have thought they’d been hitting the crack pipe. The one item everyone seemed to be coveting for the upcoming social season was the gorgeous red leather laser-cut Valentino dress. Sheer perfection.

A few snippets to share:

Me: Piper, I am dying over your shoes! 

Miss W: Proenza, of course. 

Miss H: Regan, you have gams for days, impressive.

Miss L: It’s an excuse to pull out my Tory Burch camo mini and give some edge to an après Labor Day white tuxedo jacket.

All in unison: Cecily, your hair is divine. Who is doing your blow-outs? 

Miss G: Can’t share all of my secrets.

Miss W: How genius is Tom Ford to feature his own fabulous face in the new Tom Ford Beauty campaign?

Me: He could so be my hall pass.

Our favorite cover goes to Harper’s Bazaar. The pink hat on Gwen Stefani was sublime and got us excited for the season ahead. Vogue was terribly unwieldy and obviously never found its way to Miss Wintour’s editing room: 916 pages, yet only 16 were memorable.

In closing, start planning for your own book club for next fall and definitely invite Cecily Gooch. She was in it to win it, showing up for the conversation with Post-It notes galore. Always great to have one over-achiever in the mix who actually read the book.