We Want Wittmore, More, More

Steven Hempel  |  Photos by Photo by Matthew Kristall.
November 05, 2012

Gentlemen, please point your browsers to shopwittmore.com, an online haberdashery offering a smartly edited selection of clothing and accessories from around the globe. Curated by fashion industry veteran Paul Witt, the online shop sources difficult-to-find labels such as Gant Rugger, Riviera Club, Norse Projects, Mark McNairy and Universal Works, plus unique accessories from leather goods to bags by Miansai by Michael Saiger, Archival Clothing and Palmer Trading Company. Witt’s passion for launching his site came from his own style aesthetic, which is more pared down and casual, but still focused in design. “There are guys out there who dress more casually but still look sharp in button-downs and jeans, or in sweaters and chinos — that’s their ‘suit’ for work,” he says. “I‘ve been that guy my entire career.” New designers and selections are added weekly, reflecting Witt’s personal mantra and company tagline: “More, More. Now, Now. Next, Next.” And be on the lookout for the Wittmore collection of gift items (limited-edition note cards, Dopp kits, wallets and more) set for a sneak peek on the site during the holidays.