Opening Up

Michael Kors Q&A

Amy Adams
December 05, 2012

With the reveal of his supersize namesake boutique in NorthPark Center looming, Michael Kors talks New Year’s plans, four-letter words and novelty sweaters with Amy Adams.

Ever worn a novelty holiday sweater? That’s one fashion “don’t” I have not committed!

Where will you be come New Year’s Eve? Vietnam. I can’t wait.

Your go-to host or hostess gift. A coffee-table photo book. You can’t go wrong with one of Slim Aarons’ or Ron Galella’s.

Based on your design aesthetic, it appears you believe “fussy” is a four-letter word. Any other adjectives that make you shudder? Trendy.

One idea (fashion or otherwise) that made you think, ‘I wish I had thought of that.’ I’d have to second Yves Saint Laurent. He said, “I wish I had invented blue jeans. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity — all I hope for in my clothes.”

What’s the holiday gift you want this year? That everyone affected by Hurricane Sandy is able to celebrate the holidays in a warm, safe home with people they care about.

You once said your favorite place to relax was on a plane. But now that Wi-Fi is available at cruising altitude does the same hold true? I’m ignoring, for as long as possible, the fact that we can now connect on planes. I prefer to put on my headphones, listen to music and read.

At age 5, your mother gave you the option to choose any name for yourself. What made you pick Michael David Kors over, say, Batman or The Artist Formerly Known as Karl Anderson Jr.? My mother was getting remarried and taking a new name, Kors, so she said I could, too. I liked Michael and she liked David, so Michael David Kors it is.

You’ve dressed just about every gorgeous woman on the planet. Would you be willing to play favorites and tell us a few of your proudest red-carpet moments? It’s always a thrill when someone wears your clothes on the red carpet. It means that even though she knows she’s being photographed and scrutinized, she feels she can trust you to make her look great. But I can’t really say there’s been one thrilling moment that surpasses others; every time is an honor.

Were you surprised when Michelle Obama wore your dress to the President’s election-night party? I was definitely surprised, because she’s worn it several times in the past years. But the fact that she returns to it tells me that this is a dress she considers timeless, and that makes her feel confident. That means I’m doing my job right!

You’ve gotten plenty of Dallas love since your days at The Gazebo with Shelle Sills. Is it safe to say the feeling is mutual? Absolutely! I love Dallas. There’s an unabashed enthusiasm for fashion there that sets it apart from other places.