No Pain, No Train

Bridalicious Boot Camp

Lacy Ball
February 04, 2013

“Keepin’ it tight for Mr. Right!” “No quitting ’til the final fitting!” These are the motivational chants brides-to-be hear from Bridalicious Boot Camp owner Doug Rice during his kick *ss (literally) classes. Rice found his niche training the newly engaged in Beverly Hills in 2004 and has since relocated to Dallas, transforming thousands of brides and their bodies in the process. Boss Man, as his clients know him, has coined what he calls the Bridal Trifecta TNT (tighten ’n tone), which targets the key strapless dress areas: arms, back and shoulders. Each 55-minute session involves a combination of circuit exercises including resistance training (aka cardio with weights), metabolic conditioning and high-intensity intervals, the latter burning up to nine times more calories than a traditional treadmill workout; the average success story involves a 25- to 30-pound weight loss in two or three months. Locations vary; 800.651.1224;