Hey, Joe!


Matt Alexander
March 07, 2013

If you’re the type who ventures onto Instagram, sees bafflingly beautiful images of latte art and yearns for something better than your typical coffee-house experience, look no further than Mudsmith. Throw in a space distinguished by taxidermy, aging world maps, raw concrete floors and high-end beer taps, and you’ve got one of the most charming establishments in town. Owner Brooke Humphries and her team of undercut-rocking baristas will happily provide you with an artisanal beer, a glass of wine from the highly selective cellar or a fresh and crisply packaged handmade sandwich — none of that shrink-wrapped, plasticky and altogether suspect nonsense here. What’s more, for the discerning (read: fussy) aficionados (nerds) among us, Mudsmith brews San Francisco’s Four Barrels, which, if you’ve yet to experience it, makes for a drink with intricate tastes, alluring warmth and none of the shrill bitterness you’ve grown subconsciously used to, regardless of your chosen format. Not to mention, it’s all priced for about $3 less than your syrupy triple shot, rendering those big-name coffee purveyors little more than burnt-tasting husks. 2114 Lower Greenville Ave., 214.370.9535; mudsmithdallas.com.