Billy Fong Sez

Billy Fong
March 08, 2013

Trust me when I say that quite a bit of research goes into my fashion columns. As much as I want to be a gypsy psychic (could finally score my own TLC reality show) or wittily off-the-cuff, I usually spend hours on YouTube checking out the runway shows. I then pull out the latest magazines and do a Rorschach-like test with my brilliant stylist, Josh Cesal, the hairdresser extraordinaire in Atlanta that I fly to see once a month for a cut. We flip through fashion rags quickly, and he gives me his immediate response. We can tear through an entire September issue in 15 minutes.

The winner of Most En Pointe this season is Louis Vuitton. The brilliant graphic checkerboard brown/white and black/white offerings were pitch perfect. Remind me: Has Marc Jacobs dried out again and on the wagon? If so, let’s all pray that he doesn’t fall off again anytime soon, since this collection was breathtaking. His namesake line is also quite spectacular but definitely for a certain age group — 20-somethings, rejoice!

For the current social swirl of fund-raiser lunches and black-tie events, I suggest the following:

• Toned-down hair. I generally am a fan of big tresses, but this season, go with something severe. Think Penelope Tree the next time you are at Fekkai.

• For lunches, I definitely want to see lots from Louis Vuitton and statement trenches from Gucci and Thom Browne.

• A garden on your lapel. Coordinate three or four Chanel flower pins on your jacket, paired with slim cigarette pants and Blahnik kitten heels, and you are the epitome of girl-on-the-go.

• A simple Céline Luggage bag or an old-school Chanel quilted bag should be your go-to option in March and April.

As always, I generally have a soundtrack when writing — along with my cocktail. (Right now, I am favoring the new Dreamy Time Water paired with Tanqueray — makes me sleepy-happy like Prince NyQuil used to back in the day.) When getting dressed for upcoming functions, you should listen to Peter Gabriel’s “Big Time.” Remember these words as inspiration: “So much larger than life” and “My heaven will be a big heaven.” Scream them as you put on the finishing touches and text Uber for a car.