Objet by Dutch Small: Straight Razor Revival

Cool Shave Comes Home

Dutch Small
May 15, 2013

It’s no secret to men of style that a barber’s straight razor is an indulgence worth partaking — often. But when the guy on the go can’t spare the time for a trip to a pro, the smoothness delivered by a hand-crafted stainless-steel blade is still within reach, thanks to Texas’ premier blade smith, Russell Montgomery of Serenity Knives. Known to the culinary world as knifemaker to the elite, Montgomery has crafted wares for nationally renowned kitchens such as Oxheart and celebrities in other genres whom he’s too discreet to name. On the leading edge of a self-shave revival, his newly released hand-forged straight razors are very much about convenience but also about the relaxing ritual of a nearly forgotten craft. “It doesn’t take long to learn to shave with a straight razor, and you get a closeness that isn’t possible with disposables,” he says. “I also like taking time to take care of myself and forget about the demands of the day. It just feels good.” His sculptural creations are available in either folding or fixed-blade designs and have handles in stainless steel or exotic wood species such as cocobolo or lignum vitae. $200 to $500, exclusively at serenityknives.com.