It's in His Nature

Amy Adams
May 14, 2013

Ask Stefan Gulassa to give a shout-out to those he most admires, and he’ll rattle off the names Isamu Noguchi, Jean Prouvé and Constantin Brancusi. So we might expect him to give a nod to their influence via his newly launched home accessories for Sutherland. But one look at his eight-piece collection reveals the Seattle-based designer is most inspired by the nature and landscape of the Pacific Northwest. Working primarily with bronze and wood, he has crafted a cubed tray reminiscent of eroding basalt formations, a low-profile gallery vase that eliminates sight-obscuring centerpieces, the industrial adjustable candlestick with its removable hurricane glass and the Toko wall vase meant to house a single branch or large leaf. But it’s his sleek bronze book stand that’s sure to bring new meaning to “best seller.” To the trade at David Sutherland showroom.