Case in Point

Louis Vuitton Four-Wheeler

Kate Stukenberg
May 22, 2013

Louis Vuitton was founded in 1854 as a trunk-making business, establishing itself with a lightweight, air-tight rectangular trunk covered in waterproof Trianon canvas that could be stacked — a novel idea at the time, as luggage until then had been designed more like a coffin, domed to prevent water damage. By 1913, the Vuitton luggage business had grown into the largest travel-goods company of its time.  Today you’re more likely (or should we say lucky) to find a heavy Vuitton trunk used as a coffee table than as actual luggage, and Vuitton itself has moved on to create more modern collections of luxury suitcases and accessories. Case in point: the newest travel piece, a four-wheeled trolley bag called the Zephyr is not only multidirectional, lightweight and stitched to perfection, but it’s the first branded thermo-compressed canvas luggage. What does designer Marc Jacobs know about thermo compression? He knows it combines excellent canvas skills with supreme elasticity that feels great to the touch and absorbs shocks. Long story short: This four-wheeler is ready for the road. Zephyr 55 $3,450, Zephyr 70 $4,250, at the Louis Vuitton boutique.