Not Your Grandfather's Clock

Hublot in NorthPark Center

Amanda Montgomery
June 28, 2013

It’s about time: Hublot has opened a 1,000-square-foot black-marbled boutique at NorthPark Center, the ninth such destination in the States. The venerable Swiss watchmaker was the first to combine a precious metal case with a black rubber bracelet band in 2010; since then, the brand has continued to push the style and innovation envelope. An in-store holographic animation display gives aficionados a Bladerunner-esque glimpse at four of its signature collections: the Classic Fusion, Masterpiece, Big Bang and King Power. After a personal consultation in the VIP area, you’ll be up to the minute when conversation turns to guillochés, ligne and tourbillons. NorthPark Center, 469.232.9449;