Inside the Heads of Chad + Kurt

The Brains Behind More Design + Build

Amy Adams
July 30, 2013

Combine the know-how Chad Dorsey gleaned while at the interior architectural design firm Wilson Associates with the taste level and business acumen Kurt Bielawski acquired while wielding authority over women’s designer ready-to-wear at both Neiman Marcus and Nordstrom, and you get something — insert rimshot — more. Over the last eight years, these business partners have revived a classic Tudor in Highland Park, transmuted a New England farmhouse in Lakewood, created a modernist’s dream in Bluffview and even converted a ho-hum 1960s Colonial into a beautiful Spanish-inspired estate. (They’re also the responsible parties behind the so-chic-it-hurts interior of the Diane von Furstenberg boutique at Highland Park Village.) Here, Amy Adams experiences a double take.

Perfection is …

KB: The West Coast, when the sun is setting.

CD: When something functions with ease and is also pleasing to the eye.

Favorite architect:

KB: I love residential architecture because it’s so personal … George Washington Smith, John Staub
and O’Neil Ford are my favorites.

How did you come up with your company’s name? 

KB: I wanted something that differentiated us, since we do both the design and construction. “More” seemed to sum it up. Most people think it’s our last name, though.

Something that made you think “I wish I had thought of that.” 

KB: Years ago, I was on a trip with a friend, and we were talking about how smart it would be to have massage places in airports for people with time to kill. Somebody else obviously thought it was a good idea, too. 

CD: Lettuce in a bag.

Best advice. 

KB: Smile. 

CD: Do what you love and success will follow.

Three words that describe your design aesthetic. 

KB: Timeless, relaxed, luxury. 

CD: Clean, luxurious, thoughtful. 


The most underrated — but important — detail in a house. 

CD: High-quality plumbing fixtures. We use Waterworks
on most of our projects. 

KB: Front-door hardware. Even if you don’t notice the design, the way it feels in your hand sets the stage. 


Guilty pleasure. 

KB: Pizza. The pleasure always outweighs the guilt. 

CD: Ice cream. I could eat it for dinner every night. 


Beloved article of clothing.

 KB: T-shirts … and my sneaker collection. 

CD: Blue gingham Lululemon running shorts. 


Favorite movie you’ve seen in the last six months.

 KB & CD: Argo! 


Favorite Dallas restaurant.

CD: Eatzi’s. Sometimes I’m there three times a day.


Favorite way to unwind.

KB: Music and a magazine/newspaper marathon on Sunday morning.

CD: Throwing the ball with our dog, Lucy.


Best way to pass the time on a long flight.

KB: Movies. It’s the best time to watch the ones you never cared enough to see at home.

CD: My iPad.


Most important room in a house.

KB: Kitchen … and the master bath.

CD: A great bathroom with an incredible shower.


Pet peeve.

KB: Things that don’t work well.

CD: A dirty car.


Song I know all the words to.

CD: I am totally embarrassed to say this, but it’s Katy Perry’s “Teenage Dream.”


Favorite vacation destination.

 CD: Nantucket for July 4, San Juan Island in Washington for Labor Day, Alys Beach for Christmas and New Year’s.


The key to a successful business partnership is …

KB: Help the other person be better at what they are good at.


Favorite childhood television show.

KB: Scooby Doo. And The Love Boat and Fantasy Island if my mom let me stay up late.


A product you’re completely loyal to.

CD: Marvin Windows. The quality is amazing.


Something you recently misplaced.

KB: Youth.

CD: ChapStick. I go crazy when I forget it.


Is less More?

KB: A lot of my work life has been about editing, so my answer is “yes.”

CD: Absolutely.