Get the Ball Rolling


Amy Adams
August 13, 2013

To say that Craig Spivey and Tom Weber had their minds in the gutter when creating Bowlounge is meant to be a sincere compliment. The co-owning duo made good on their long-simmering idea by transforming a previously vacant warehouse in the Design District into a 12-lane bowling mecca. They purchased and dismantled a defunct alley in Longview, Texas, then shipped its salient parts to Dallas and refinished everything to a pristine — but proudly retro — condition. The menu comes courtesy of Jason Boso of Twisted Root Burger Co.; wet your whistle with one of 33 draft beers, half of which are Texas-centric craft brews. The added allure of portraits from The Big Lebowski on the walls, silver vinyl booths and the occasional live music act proves this is a destination that knows the score. 167 Turtle Creek Blvd., 214.741.7737;