Clean Living is the Place to Be

New Living and The Green Painter

Catherine D. Anspon and Seth Vaughan
August 07, 2013

Co-founder Jeff Kaplan started a green revolution when he launched New Living in Rice Village in 2007. (“We are finally at a point where I think our mission will come through to the city,” he told us.) Now with its adjoining The Green Painter and a second location, Heights main drag’s The Green Painter and Bedroom by New Living on 19th Street, Kaplan’s retailing duo have become the definitive sustainable stops for all things home design, decorating and redux-related. Downstairs on 19th, the eco store stocks a curated collection of New Living’s LOVOC and NOVOC indoor and outdoor paints, as well as an loft-style space upstairs for the most environmental bedding around. Monthly Finishing School classes showcase experts such as Evan Vincent (August 3) trading tips on plastering with clay. More latest and greatest: This spring, NL introduced in-demand children’s organic furniture and paint. Local artisans are handcrafting attractive cribs and bassinets, and the paints are just as compelling: free of all VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds), formaldehyde and biocides, the components that often give fresh paint its hallmark scent. With 26 colors (one for each letter of the alphabet) and the option of matte or chalkboard finish, it’s a collection we love. Complete baby’s bedroom with New Living’s selection of air filters, bedding, crib and bassinet mattresses from OMI made from all natural latex, alongside eco-friendly flooring and accessories. 6111 Kirby Dr., 713.521.1921; 321 W. 19th St., 832.659.0123;;