Art Notes

Dallas Art News for August 2013

Catherine D. Anspon
August 09, 2013

The Dallas Museum of Art rolls out two tantalizing exhibitions that couldn’t be more diverse, underscoring the mission of an engaged encyclopedic museum. Catch rare treasures from the fabled British Museum in “The Body Beautiful in Ancient Greece,” an internationally touring exhibition packed with exquisite Greco and Roman masterworks. Make tracks to see the standard bearer of ancient art, the never-before-lent Discus-thrower after Myron (Discobolus), represented by a Roman 2nd-century version, as well as the haunting archaic Cycladic figurine circa 2800 to 2300 B.C. and a very nifty winged marble sphinx (through October 6) … Kudos to the DMA for simultaneously presenting “DallasSITES,” an examination of the history of the North Texas scene, spanning 50 years, Deep Ellum’s 500X to the early days of Plush and Angstrom galleries, as well as (natch) the DMA (represented by some stills from a wild 1962 Claes Oldenburg happening; through September 15) … Snap up Allison V. Smith’s unerring Le Zine, a must for collectors and photo fans as well as fashion folk (this year’s topic is Paris Fashion Week) told via her crisp lens and eye for the Degas-worthy crop ($20, through the artist’s blog,