The Zen of Spin

Terlingo Cycle

Kendall Morgan
September 01, 2013

Terlingo Cycle, 3105 Reagan St., 214.520.7433;

The city’s sexiest socialites wouldn’t look quite as dazzling in their bandage dresses without John Terlingo. After more than a decade in L.A., the model turned trainer brought his talents back to Dallas in 2011, and fitness fanatics began queuing as early as 4 am for his spiritually inclined spin classes around town. Terlingo opens his own studio Labor Day weekend, partnering with former Dallas Cowboy Mat McBriar, offering workouts he describes as “yoga on a bike.” With a minimalist interior inspired by Logan’s Run, Terlingo Cycle (or TGO) houses 31 state-of-the-art 2013 A.C. Performance Plus Schwinns. The studio boutique sells branded gym wear, H20 TGO water, signature citrus candles by Niven Morgan and TGO/Farrah Fawcett tees benefiting the late actress’ cancer-fighting foundation. Although Terlingo will share teaching duties with seven hand-selected instructors, all TGO trainers share his music-is-the-message approach, to clear your mind while you raise your heart rate.