The Besieged Bungalow

Cary Reeder at Lawndale Art Center

Catherine D. Anspon
September 13, 2013

It’s a Houston domestic classic, from Montrose to the Heights, the square-footage-appropriate structure of the bungalow. But it’s also endangered. Cue Cary Reeder, who arrives with acrylic and canvas to document the once prosaic, solidly middle-class 1920s-era domiciles that are facing off with contemporary townhouses of often dubious or lesser charms. Catch Reeder’s current show at Lawndale Art Center, bittersweetly titled “Now, What Was There?” Funded by a grant from the Houston Arts Alliance, this former Glassell student of Francesca Fuchs — who also holds a master’s degree in urban planning — records for posterity these beloved abodes precariously awaiting an uncertain fate, in a style that can best be described as abstracted realism, with a touch of Hopper-esque shadow play. Through September 28, at Lawndale Art Center.