Style DNA: Nasiba Adilova

When it comes to owning a room, Nasiba Adilova has three weapons at her disposal…

Amy Adams. Photography Jenny Antill.
October 18, 2013

Art direction Michelle Aviña. Makeup Kate Yancey.

First, she possesses the kind of icy blonde looks most often associated with a Hitchcock heroine. Second, her Russian accent makes even the most innocuous remark sound internationally intriguing. And, third, she has the kind of highly photogenic wardrobe that elicits popping flashbulbs wherever she goes. In short, she’s hard to miss. This editor of buro24/ — the top online luxury and fashion news portal in Russia and Eastern Europe — can be found regularly on style blogs and ringside at fashion runways.

Why Dallas? My fiancé lives here, so we decided to settle in Dallas.

We heard you bought a house in Dallas. This is our first home together; we bought it fully furnished. We will just bring in our art.

On missing Russia. I get homesick for the food, family and friends. I also miss the vast amount of holidays we have in Russia — there is something very poetic and nostalgic about them.

Is there a Russian revolution going on in Dallas? Kira Plastinina and now you … just what is it about Dallas? I don’t think it’s a Russian revolution, but that does sound quite humorous! I’ve actually been feeling like I’m the biggest PR rep for Dallas — and Texas, for that matter. Because I travel so much, meet with really interesting people and have such an internationally diverse group of friends, I’ve been telling them all how lovely it is. You will see me pulling quite a few people here for visits. My impression of Dallas has been fantastic, and I feel that people just don’t know much about it and assume that it’s all cowboys and oil fields. I have big plans and hopes for putting it on the map as one of the coolest and most fashionable spots in the U.S.

There is definitely a special pull to Dallas. It’s a wonderful city full of warm and charming people, and I’m so excited to learn more and build my life here.

Fave fall collections. Valentino, Dior, Jonathan Saunders, Mary Katrantzou, Stella McCartney and Giles.

Must-haves. Valentino white or blue coat with embroidered collar, Céline chunky sweater, Junya Watanabe Comme des Garçons jacket or jeans, Lublu Kira Plastinina black puffy skirt (the one I wore to her opening in Dallas) and military boots from Saint Laurent.

Any regrets currently hanging in your closet? Not really! I have an emotional attachment to each and every piece.

Habit you just can’t break. I would say twisting my hair around my fingers, but my better half would say excessive Instagramming.

We were amongst quite a coterie of fellow fashion followers from around the world at Kira Plastinina’s boutique opening … who do you pal around with in international cities? I know a lot of lovely people, but I have a few girls I’m quite close with. I’m very close friends and work with Miroslava Duma, and some of my great gal friends are Claire Distenfeld (she owns Fivestory in NYC), Rosie Assoulin (a new designer in New York), Hannah Bronfman (NYC it-girl), Lily Kwong (Vogue it-girl and cousin of designer Joseph Altuzarra), Veronica Chou (president of Iconix China), Noor Fares (jewelry designer), Vika Gazinskaya (Russian designer), Mary Katrantzou, Yasmin Sewell (it-girl fashion consultant).

Tell us a little about buro24/7. My business partner, Miroslava Duma, started it in Russia two years ago. I am running the U.S. and U.K. business development, and we are in talks about partnering on a few Buro projects. Buro has gained international traction and has 40,000 unique visitors a day. Digital was not widely spread in Russia, and today basically everyone in the editorial world begins their day by reading the news from computer screens. Miroslava has done a tremendous job with the site, considering it was a very new news source for Russia. And, today there are four licensed versions in the Middle East, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Croatia … even an English version! She and I share a vision for the future of digital.

Favorite procrastination activity. Besides Instagram, I’m obsessed with playing backgammon on my phone.

Tips for attracting street-style photo coverage. Be yourself, and don’t forget to smile.

Behavior you’ve blamed on that extra glass of champagne. I get very sleepy. It’s quite embarrassing.

Fear factor. I am scared of heights, so standing at the edge of a high cliff would certainly give me an uneasy feeling.

Best piece of advice you were ever given. The biggest risk in life is not taking one. I definitely appreciate life and try to live it to the fullest.

Favorite Dallas haunts. For lunch, Mercat Bistro, Rise and T Room. For dinner, Nobu, Le Bilboquet and Hillstone. For shopping, Grange Hall, Forty Five Ten, the new Lublu store by my dear friend Kira Plastinina, and I love Neiman Marcus for their shoe selection. For nails, Pampered Soles. For a spa experience, The Ritz.

Last vacation. Boat trip around the South of France and Sardinia.

Favorite space in your house. My bedroom.

What gets you on the dance floor. Right now, it’s the “Get Lucky” remix by Daft Punk.

Artwork you wish you owned. A piece made for me by Anish Kapoor or Jeff Koons.

If we want your forgiveness? Send peonies.