Tailored to Perfection

Curated Style with needlifestyle.com

Lauren Scheinin  |  Photos by needlifestyle.com.
December 13, 2013

It’s open season at needlifestyle.com. If you’re the type of man who leans toward the casual side of life, conveniently curated online, you need to shop now. Launched by Dallas’ Matt Alexander, the site offers everything from menswear and furniture to literature and coffee. Alexander, a bi-Texan (his parents are from Texas and London, so he carries a dual citizenship), graduated from SMU with an English literature degree before switching gears to the online apparel industry. Unlike the usual e-commerce sale sites that fill your inbox daily with merchandise offers, Need Lifestyle releases new styles on the first Tuesday of every month, with a designated theme. “Each month will be shot by a different photographer and will showcase a completely different style-set,” says Alexander, who also features original editorial each month. “I’m really passionate about this site being a useful and educational resource for men.” Currently carrying labels such as Jiberish from Colorado and Nudie Jeans from Sweden, Alexander plans to grow a national audience, but localize Need to each city. “Right now, Need is for the entire country — a sort of one size fits all. However, since we’re based in Dallas, I do cater to our weather and needs when choosing the month’s inventory.” needlifestyle.com.