A Dapper Duo Debuts in River Oaks

Ann Mashburn and Sid Mashburn

Caroline Starry LeBlanc
January 14, 2014

Yin and yang, large and small, sweet mixed with sour, short versus tall. Opposites often attract, and the duality of the new Ann Mashburn and Sid Mashburn stores in River Oaks’ Lamar Shopping Center is a premeditated mismatch made in style heaven. The cultured couple behind the new Houston location of their eponymous outposts — he, a former designer for J. Crew and Ralph Lauren; she, armed with prior editorial stints at Vogue and Glamour — describe their combined philosophy as “It’s all about the edit.” As such, Sid Mashburn for men and Ann Mashburn for women stock fresh takes on old standards: a supply of classic, staple pieces mixed with quirky/cool elements for both wardrobe and home. Inventory includes iconic labels the two personally love, plus they each design and produce a namesake collection of clothing, shoes and accessories. Edgier offerings blend seamlessly with the traditional, ensuring an impeccably curated, classic-mixed-with-cool look. Ever seen custom-dyed, Day-Glo Tretorn sneakers? They have them here. Need a perfect, crisp, white button-down blouse? They have that, too. Other featured labels include APC, Kiton, Joseph, Henry Cuir, Levi’s, Filson and Saint James. The stylish husband-and-wife team launched Sid Mashburn in Atlanta in 2007, quickly gaining national acclaim as a gentleman in the know’s go-to for all things awesome. and inspiring a cult-like following. Ann Mashburn’s launch for ladies followed in 2010, and Houston is the first expansion location for either boutique. The new 5,300-square-foot space, located in two connecting storefronts on the corner of Westheimer at River Oaks Boulevard, offers his-and-hers entrances on each street, respectively, with architecture by Atlanta’s Stan Dixon and interiors by Sid and Ann themselves. Together, Mr. and Mrs. Mashburn offer their interpretation of style, perfectly pairing everything you need with, perhaps more importantly, a whole lot of gear you’re going to want. Ann Mashburn, 2515 River Oaks Blvd., 713.936.9503, annmashburn.com; Sid Mashburn, 3272 Westheimer, 713.936.9502, sidmashburn.com.