Picture This

Kate Stukenberg
February 27, 2014

The days of squeezing 15 of your friends into a sardine can of a photo booth are over. Smilebooth is the new interactive photo booth — sans confining box — that you control with a remote to snap shots with your friends. Maybe you’ve seen it at posh parties around town or at some of the super-stylish weddings that co-owner and talented photographer Brooke Schwab is known to shoot. If not, just know that it’s been making the rounds, most recently at the third-season premiere party for HBO’s Girls in New York and at parties for Toms Shoes, Warby Parker and Martha Stewart. And Smilebooth does more than shoot photos: It has a GIF-enabled machine, too. You can immediately upload photos or GIFs to Facebook and Twitter, or text-message and email to your friends — because if you’re at a posh party, you want people to know, right? What’s even cooler? You can book this super photo booth for your own wedding, birthday party or special event.