Dallas Children's Theater's Cabaret To Do

Lauren Scheinin  |  Photos by Dana Driensky
November 29, 2012
Event Date:
October 06, 2012

The Dallas Children's Theater's Cabaret Gala celebrated its 20th anniversary in a big way, a fitting gesture for an event that has raised more than $1.7 million throughout the years. Chair Yvonne Crum joined more than 300 partygoers ‹ including leading ladies Ruth Buzzi, Caroline Rose Hunt, Carolyn Lupton, Jill Rowlett, and Dee Wyly ‹ at The Fairmont Hotel's Venetian Room to watch actress and cabaret artist Emily Bergl strut her stuff. Clapping along: Rhonda and Fraser Marcus, Niels Anderson, Vibeke Jarnum, John Swords, Tara Lewis, and Jeff and Kathryne Hillier.