Letting the Spirits Move You at Escapade

Billy Fong  |  Photos by Jeremy Brown
December 20, 2012
Event Date:
January 01, 1900

With Dia de los Muertos as their theme, Escapade chairmen Matthew Simon and Keith Schumann, Todd Fiscus and Ceron, and Tracy and Josh Madans proved you could raise the dead while also raising more than $120,000 for The Family Place at 7@150 in The International Design Center. I was fortunate to score an invite to the pre-party at Fiscus' new digs in Kessler Woods ‹ his modernist pad feels like Dallas' version of Soho House. Fiscus and Ceron arranged for makeup artists to assist with their guests' looks for the evening, resulting in a moment straight out of the Bryant Park tents. This party posse was lavishly made up, and when I posed the question "What are you?" Fiscus' response was "Not sure. You can come up with an amazing concept title." Nothing wrong with being long-winded, so here goes: They were an entourage of dead runway models from Tim Burton's production of a Marc Jacobs apocalyptic fashion show. And they weren't the only ones letting their alter egos out to play. Among the more than 230 guests, I spotted numerous Catwomen (apparently a latex onesie is appropriate for both boys and girls), zombies, storm troopers and a Poison Ivy who gave Demi Moore a run for her money when it came to provocative body paint. My favorite costumes included Tom Hoitsma's fiery Big Tex and the divine Joyce Goss as The Devil Wears Prada. (Praise the girl who takes the costume literally and wears Miuccia's finest.) But the one who stopped me in my tracks was the gentleman from a Magritte painting ‹ complete with bowler hat and apple. Didn't catch your name, but you are my current hero for taking "dandy" to a new level. A graveyard-inspired decor, room-thumping tunes from DJs Lucy Wrubel and Jeff Mitchell and the freaky fun of alcohol-infused gummy worms added up to a monstrously good time. Getting in the spirit: Kelly and Calvin Carter, Robbin Solis, Nicole Farrar, Melissa Sherrill, Patrick O'Hara, Shelle Sims, and Steve Wrubel.