More Than Just a Pretty Place

Lacy Ball  |  Photos by Mark Anthony Nelson
December 04, 2012
Event Date:
January 01, 1900

Everyone's favorite furniture go-to ‹ Mitchell Gold + Bob Williams ‹ unveiled its highly anticipated fall offerings, and one particular piece had guests settling back and stopping just short of kicking off their shoes ‹ the Blackwell sofa. Store manager Brian Jordan explained, "It's sumptuous, comfortable and envelops you in beautiful fabric ‹ perfect for cuddling up with your dog, a good book or, even better, a loved one." Those with enough willpower to resist its siren's call acquainted themselves with the vintage-inspired collection specifically designed for the set of the CBS' series The Good Wife. Others bellied up to the fabric bar for tips on redesigning and redefining, but everyone's altruistic thirst was quenched knowing a portion of their purchases would benefit the "I Stand for Parkland" campaign to build a better hospital for Dallas residents. After a special message from Walter Jones of the Parkland Foundation, there was a (sugar) rush for the endless dessert bar catered by Parigi owner Janis Provost. In the house: Monica O'Connor, Gretchen England, Giana de Paul, Christina Davisi, Tom Holden, Nancy Young, David Krause, Rebecca Jackson, Mary Levy, Joyce Schroeder, and Rob Rowland.