Tooling Around

Lacy Ball  |  Photos by Dana Driensky
December 04, 2012
Event Date:
September 20, 2012

The Margaret Hunt Hill Bridge led to 3015 at Trinity Groves, the destination for the first Urban Revival, which generated $100,000 for the Dallas Area Habitat for Humanity ‹ enough to renovate seven West Dallas homes. Kudos to chairmen Ann and Trey Fielder and Paige and John Slates for an unforgettable night featuring DJ duo Jennifer Miller and Paul Paredes. The best answers to the evening's party question "What's your favorite power tool?" were varied: "People. You can accomplish anything with people," noted Aisha Johnson. "Well, if you're gonna say people, then I'm gonna say love!" interjected Bryan Carter. Co-chair Trey Fielder was a bit more literal, saying "A sawzall. Look it up. It cuts through anything." Feeling revived: Anne Haskel, Charlene Howell, Wade Andres, Brian Casey, Melissa Cameron, Drew Watson, Mel and Penny Horton, and Mari Woodleif.