Neiman Marcus Fêtes Jeweler Steven Lagos

35 Candles for Lagos

Erin Oppenheim. Photography Jenny Antill, Fulton Davenport.
January 11, 2013
Event Date:
October 10, 2012

At Neiman Marcus, iconic jeweler Steven Lagos commemorated the 35th anniversary of his collection with a return visit to where it all began. Showcasing his new couture collection of meticulously etched jade in myriad colors on chains with rough-cut rubies and sapphires, tassels adorned with tiny pearls and uniquely cut semiprecious stones, Lagos enjoyed a special visit from longtime customer and friend Anne Hooper, who was present at his first show 35 years ago. With help from Lagos, Hooper purchased a stunning blue topaz ring from the Ombre collection as a birthday gift to herself. Celebrating: Kathy Ratcliff, Lee Lou Mayo, Pat Vavra, Katarina Alford, and Ika Lundin.