Hermès’ Festival des Métiers

Hermès Hails the Creations of the Human Hand

By Seth Vaughan. Photography PWL studio.
January 11, 2013
Event Date:
October 10, 2012

The eve of Hermès’ Festival des Métiers was a masterful pairing of products and people. The venerable French house flew in eight artisans to demonstrate the extraordinary processes behind some of its most iconic items, including scarves, leather goods, timepieces and jewelry, in a celebration of Hermès’ devotion to craftsmanship. In from Paris and New York to oversee the evening was Hermès’ CEO Robert Chavez, joined by senior VP Peter Malachi, director of public relations Cena Jackson, Houston store manager Jeremy Garcia, and right-hand Lauren Strauss. In a tented pavilion erected behind the boutique especially for the five-day event, devoted customers watched spell-bound as silk scarves were screen-printed in decadently rich hues and precious stones were intricately set into fine jewelry. Outfitted in their finest French wares, guests mingled amongst the stations while servers swept by with laden trays sent down from RDG Bar Annie. Hermès toters included Lindsey Looke with her timeless black Birkin; Mindy Hildebrand with a calfskin Birkin; Katherine Le with a mini Birkin executed in an exotic fuchsia alligator; Lila Rincon carrying a burgundy alligator Kelly, its clasp set with diamonds, with son Roberto, and Jessica Aguire; and Duyen Huynh and Marc Nguyen (her bag of choice was an inspired periwinkle alligator Birkin). Francophiles: real-estate developer Ed Wulfe, Chris Kapogiannis, Marcy Taub Wessel, Tana Wood, Audrey and Brandon Cochran, Dena Prasher, Randy Powers, Kelli Kickerillo and Todd, Trang Trinh, and Dan Irion.