Charmed By Charlie at CityCentre Store Bash

Seth Vaughan. Photography Shau Lin Hon.  |  Photos by Shau Lin Hon
January 28, 2013
Event Date:
December 06, 2012

"Where to look…" "So much to see…" and "What shall I buy?" That's what the
new Charming Charlie store in CityCentre had customers pondering, proving
that the store¹s founder, Houston-raised, Episcopal High-schooled, L.A.
part-timer Charlie Chanaratsopon, really knows his girls.
Chanaratsopon ― who might as well be Mick Jagger, considering his red-hot
business appeal, as well as his preternatural charm ― is unflappably cool
(hot photog Terry Richardson shot his newest advertising campaign), which
is exactly why PaperCity magazine and the Houston Ballet teamed up with
his nationwide (soon to be global) accessories brand for the opening of
the ninth ― and largest ― Charming Charlie in the Houston area. Launched
by Chanaratsopon eight years ago in Bellaire where he grew up, the brand
is now comprised of 200 stores nationwide, with plans for more. The
gleaming new space in CityCentre, designed by Blair Gordon and Emily
Jackson, radiates bold stripes and color-blocked displays of jewelry, bags
and more. More than 300 guests, including Houston friends and family,
congratulated Chanaratsopon, while DJ Slizz spun tunes as cool as the
store itself. Charmed: Judi Langley, Suchit Majmudar, Simone Ford, Cassie
and Brent Gallagher, Meg McGuire, Madelyn Fitzpatrick, Mike Fourticq in
from L.A., Greg Fourticq Sr., Natalie Griffith with Ryan Wilkins, Brittany
Hale, Kate Massey, Hallie Bauer, Helen Oettinger, and the owner¹s mother,
Sally Chanaratsopon.