Quaffing Cocktails for Furry Friends For Life

Matthew Ramirez. Photography Roy Krisanto.  |  Photos by Roy Krisanto
January 28, 2013
Event Date:
December 13, 2012

Houston¹s fastest-growing no-kill animal adoption and rescue center,
Friends For Life, threw a holiday-inspired soirée at Langford Market in
the Heights. Supporters with pups in tow perused the boutique while
sipping cocktails and sampling sweets. A raffle for a tote bag of Langford
Market wares brought in the most dollars, with 10 percent of the proceeds
from the bash going to the pet-centric cause. Dogs¹ best friends: Mary
Burtner, Meredith Wierick, Jessica Mooney, Christina Campa, Idalia Pina,
Jessie Heston, Lindsay Bernal, Meryl Lou Cabio, and Sharon Hardman.