Mining Silver

Billy Fong  |  Photos by Kristina Bowman
March 06, 2013
Event Date:
January 01, 1900

I love the concept of being a groupie and yearn for moments when I can utter, “I’m with the band.” Christen Wilson and iconic jeweler Marina B provided just such an opportunity: a party honoring Cameron Silver and his new tome, Decades: A Century of Vintage Fashion at Wilson’s home. Silver and I used to twirl about in the same social stratosphere during my tenure on the Left Coast in the late ’90s. He’s the fashion world’s equivalent of Lenny Kravitz — endlessly and effortlessly cool. Oh-so chill: Marina B CEO Paul Lubetsky, Korey Williams, Stacy Girard, Jenny Kirtland, and Sheryl Maas.