J'adore Dior

Air Kisses and Bon Mots at Dior Opening

Billy Fong  |  Photos by Bruno
May 02, 2013
Event Date:
March 22, 2013

It was a two-day affair extraordinaire when super-chic fashion house Dior opened its ravishing boutique in Highland Park Village, coinciding with “Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier,” an empty boutique space transformed into a Dior diorama. In the jewel-box exhibit, I was greeted by the effortlessly charming Marisa Pucci, VP of public relations at Christian Dior. I was there to view images taken by the iconic French photographer alongside dresses from the house’s storied 65-year archive, including the Bar ensemble from the first haute couture collection in 1947. It felt as if I were entering a dream … an iridescent Dior dream.

As you know, this was the first season for brilliant designer Raf Simons, who was recently named artistic director for the Dior house. When the 2013 campaigns premiered, I felt Dior had entered a new chapter of minimalist looks accentuated with pops of drama — my favorite being the bold, satin organza scarves fastened in a manner reminiscent of a ship’s sail around swan-like necks. A strong wind could have easily sent any of his runway models flying.

After a tour of the exhibition, one slid into a black SUV (very diplomatic) waiting to ferry guests to a dinner hosted by Cindy and Howard Rachofsky at the Rachofsky House. Catherine and Will Rose, Christen Wilson, Capera Ryan, Kenny Goss, Laura Briggs, and Emily Summers (having their version of GNO — girl’s night out), along with Highland Park Village owners Heather and Ray Washburne and Elisa and Stephen Summers, and one of my favorite new couples, Sheryl and Eric Maas, made up a lovely bouquet of dinner guests.

Dinner was very Dior and en famille: Dom Pérignon (Dior and Dom are both owned by LVMH) was served by a bevy of male models attending to each guest and paired with a French cheese course. As the evening wound down, air-kisses were exchanged while making impromptu dates to see one another in Jackson Hole and East Hampton. The ideal ending to my fashion dream was the gift bag:
the gorgeous Rizzoli coffee-table book Dior Couture Patrick Demarchelier.

The next evening, an SRO crowd walked the red carpet into the stunning new Christian Dior boutique swathed in Dior gray, where the shoulder-to-shoulder conditions didn’t stop the assembled females from casting hungry eyes on the abundance of accessories, ready-to-wear and jewelry. (One savvy soon-to-be shopper was overheard whispering, “There’s more here than in the Las Vegas store!”) C’était magnifique: Sandy Moore, Merry Vose, James V.V. Burke, Hanna Struever, Karen Watkins, Corky Nix, Peggy Lanigan, Vincent Pages, Sharon Young, Marguerite Hoffman, Albert Lombardi, Brian Bolke, Faisal Halum, and Moll Anderson.