The Rain of Queen Herrera

Holly Moore  |  Photos by Dana Driensky
June 24, 2013
Event Date:
January 01, 1900

It may have been raining buckets outside the cozy Carolina Herrera boutique in Highland Park Village, but manager Melinda Rathke had lined up golden chairs salon-style inside, while valet parkers swanned socials from curbside safely through the portal.  Carolina Herrera herself, in town for a few days to visit her boutique, greeted each and every, but even this crowd stopped dead when the door whooshed open and in dripped Val Kilmer, bearing blood-red roses for his friend, Ms. Herrera. In town starring in Citizen Twain at the Wyly Theatre, Mr. Kilmer mingled a bit, then retreated into his town car and purred off. The evening before, he dined with Dallas buddy Jennifer Houser, who was also at the Herrera mid-morning soirée, which benefitted Equest. Mimosas and coffee perked up the crowd almost as much as Kilmer’s appearance, and the sumptuous fall collection glided by on wings of fur and satin. “Capriccio for Carolina” wafted from the sound system, a symphony scored for Herrera by the London Contemporary Orchestra. Serenaded: Carolina Herrera prez Caroline Brown and VP global marketing Emilie Rubinfeld, Bernadette Schaeffler, Ann Dyer, Diane Brierley, Doris Jacobs, Carmaleta Whiteley, Jennifer Goldberg, Suzy Gekiere, Cassidy Hummel, Katie Peterson, Tricia Besing, Christi Urschel, Tiffany Divis, Rebecca Lutz, Katherine Coker, Carolyn Lupton, Jean Lattimore, Louise Griffeth, Fleming Longino, Tracy Lange, and Marisa Huckin.