Fancy Fête Work at TITAS La Fête du Ballet

Lacy Ball  |  Photos by Carter Rose
July 25, 2013
Event Date:
March 02, 2013

A highly sensual and acrobatic interpretation of Fall From Grace starring dancers Jenny Mendez and Joshua Dean made audience members blush and grip their armrests in nervous anticipation of an actual, well, tumble. The opening act of TITAS’ 19th annual Command Performance La Fête du Ballet was just the beginning of an unforgettable presentation that included Remix, Among the Star and White Swan Pas de Deux. Co-chairs Read and Steven H. Gendler bestowed Michael Ginsberg with the Tom Adams Award of Appreciation for his generosity, vision and commitment. On their toes: performers Karel Cruz, Damian Smith, and Timothy Harling, along with Delia Crossley, Gayle Halperin, Kim and Ric Abel, Lucilo Peña, Kurt Anderson, Joshua Peugh, Cordey Lash, Rachel Dupard, and Lee Cobb.