The Menil Collection’s Corporate Conversations

Dynamic Dialogue at the Menil

Seth Vaughan. Photography Jenny Antill.  |  Photos by Jenny Antill
August 28, 2013
Event Date:
April 29, 2013

Now in its fifth year, The Menil Collection’s Corporate Conversations lunch always reminds local businessmen how vital corporate involvement is for the arts. Museum director Josef Helfenstein and trustee Janet Hobby welcomed the execs to the Menil’s foyer for insights from Rice University president David Leebron and Menil board president Harry Pinson. Afterwards, curator Clare Elliott offered suits and skirts a private tour of “Forest Bess: Seeing Things Invisible.” Mergers and acquisitions: Gensler’s Jim Furr with wife Jo, Rice Provost George McLendon, H-E-B’s Mayerland Harris and Armando Perez, Rice professor of architecture William Cannady, Salient Partners COO Jeremy Radcliffe, Linbeck Group CEO David Stueckler, and Joel Ambré.