Dealer Confidential at The Nantucket Showcase

Tanglewood-Area Collectors Chat

Seth Vaughan. Photography Daniel Ortiz  |  Photos by Daniel Ortiz
August 28, 2013
Event Date:
April 23, 2013

The Nantucket Showcase played host to the panel discussion Dealer Confidential. Composed of the gallerists who loaned works for this show-house project — Barbara Davis, Hiram Butler, and Robert McClain — the discussion was moderated by PaperCity’s Catherine D. Anspon. Budding and established collectors assembled to hear insider dish on the art world from the Houston gallery vanguard. Art acolytes: Weihong, Chris Goins and Josh Pazda, Sanford Dow, Nicole Longnecker, Nora and Bob Ackerley, Heidi Gerger and son Adam, Missy Stewart, Alton LaDay, and Hannah James.