The Jung Center's 27th Annual Spring Benefit Dinner

Jungians’ Analytical Evening

Carrie Cowan. Photography Alexander’s Fine Portrait Design.  |  Photos by Alexander's Fine Photography
October 10, 2013
Event Date:
April 02, 2013

The Jung Center orchestrated a sensational soirée for its 27th annual spring benefit dinner, held at the River Oaks Country Club. Chairmen Cathy and Gary Brock assembled more than 400 scholarly supporters, ensuring that it remains a place for personal education and exploration. Honoree Gail Gross received the inaugural Dalai Lama’s Spirit of Freedom award for academic and community-related contributions. An examination of the conscious mind from noted neuroscientist David Eagleman accompanied a seated supper. Introverts and extroverts: Dean Ornish, Marie Evnochides, Debby Francis, Michael Huffington, Melani and Rob Walton, Jim Reeder, Clayton and Shel Erikson, Frances Marzio, Catherine Mosbacher, Alejandro Chaoul, Shawn Gross, Cynthia and Tony Petrello, and Randa and K.C. Reeder.