Fall Events at Neiman Marcus

Trio Draws the Chic and Stylish to Galleria Store

Seth Vaughan. Photography Priscilla Dickson.  |  Photos by Priscilla Dickson
November 18, 2013
Event Date:
September 19, 2013

Neiman Marcus opened its doors to the chic and stylish as the fall season officially gained momentum. First, Escada’s creative director Daniel Wingate flew in for a PA and luncheon, including an all-Escada fashion presentation styled by Harper’s Bazaar celebrity stylist Anita Patrickson. Ladies who lunched: Ghayda Midani, Ann Malcolm, Kendra Rohrer, Mesha Holmgrain, Kimberly Jetnil, and Patrice Grady-Erickson. Next, it was an evening of bons mots, baubles and boissons when children’s-book author Rini Ziegler signed copies of her two fraise-focused works and Gianni Stivanello of Paris-based jeweler De Ambrosi premiered the house’s latest collection. Culture was the evening’s victor, with a portion of book sales benefitting Houston Grand Opera. Arts intelligentsia: HGO’s Rudy Avelar, Danielle Ellis, Alex Blair, and Karina Barbieri. Rounding out the festivities was a soirée with blogging beauties Julie Bortnick and Monica Abney, hosting a Fall 2013 trend event incorporating pieces from the retailer’s CUSP category. The fashion show styled by the duo emphasized a rocker-chic aesthetic, underscored by music from DJ Little Martin. On the CUSP: NM’s Bob Devlin and Stacey Swift, Katy Atlas, Jeff Shell, Issa Chou, and Fifi Phi.