Asprey's Houston Introduction

London Retailer Takes its Show on the Road.

Seth Vaughan reports from the vault. Photography Jenny Antill.  |  Photos by Jenny Antill
December 05, 2013
Event Date:
October 15, 2013

Too marvelous for words is how I would describe Asprey’s most recent fine jewelry creations. And, it seems I’m not alone. When the British tabletop outfitter and fine jewelry establishment crossed the pond with trunks of luxury goods, to better acquaint potential Houston clients with the 233-year-old purveyor of high jewelry, timepieces, sterling, crystal, leather goods and polo equipment, murmurs and sage noddings prevailed.

Toast of New Bond Street
First, it was dinner chez John and Becca Cason Thrash, who were just in from Zurich, where they now divide their time. An enviable assemblage of guests dined amidst a profusion of deep purple orchids (the hue of Asprey’s signature packaging)in the Thrashes’ Memorial home atrium, which doubles as a natatorium. Asprey designer Shaun Leane and rare-diamond expert Philip Baldwin were on hand with detailed descriptions of the collection, including the new Storm suite of necklaces and earrings that swirl with diamonds. Asprey chairman John Rigas offered an overview of the brand’s noted history. Since its founding in 1781, Asprey has created crowns, coronets and scepters for royals around the world and has received a Royal Warrant from every monarch since Queen Victoria. Cheering the four C’s: Asprey managing director Paddy Byng, Darcy Rigas, Pat Breen, Margaret Williams and Jim Daniel, Diane Lokey Farb, John Evatz, Ann and Mathew Wolf, Kathryn and Jeff Smith, Joyce and Hugh Echols, Estela Cockrell, Greggory and Pat Burk, Courtney and Jason Fertitta, Ceron, Melissa and Michael Mithoff, Rosemarie Johnson, Raquel and Andrew Segal, Sara Dodd, and Greg Fourticq Jr.

Jewel-Box Luncheon
The next day, Ann Wolf opened her River Oaks home for a luncheon where Asprey admirers got down to the business of aspiring and acquiring. Designer Shaun Leane walked the ladies through the pieces in the recently debuted Woodland collection. (Does it get much better than a charm bracelet with English flora rendered in enamel, diamonds and gold? We think not.) Imaginative display saw the exquisite pieces arranged in terrariums, atop hollowed logs and draped across fresh moss. Lunch was served in the dining room, where dazzling de Gournay cherry-blossom wallpaper and round tables set with hydrangea, peonies, hybrid roses and devastatingly beautiful blanc de chine figures made for a magical afternoon. Sold: Chesie Breen, Alex Knight, Courtney Sarofim, Marita Fairbanks, Christina Girard, Judith Oudt, Phoebe Tudor, Terri Havens, and Cabrina Owsley.