Hublot Opening Fête at Tony's

Toasting Hublot’s Timeless Tickers

Erin Oppenheim. Photography Fulton Davenport.  |  Photos by Fulton Davenport
December 09, 2013
Event Date:
October 25, 2013

Few names are as synonymous with opulence and grandeur as Hublot, maker of fine Swiss timepieces. A timely contingent gathered at Tony’s for an intimate celebration of the opening of Hublot’s new Galleria boutique, which doubled as an opportunity to become better acquainted with the LVMH brand. Hublot CEO Ricardo Guadalupe and Rick de la Croix, president of Hublot Americas, kept the dinner ticking along, as they demonstrated the newest addition to Hublot’s Big Bang Collection of timepieces: the Unico. De la Croix was sporting the King Gold version, but that didn’t last long: One guest was so captivated by the piece that he bought it off the president’s arm for a cool $43,600. Prestigious patrons: Hublot marketing director Marva Bradshaw, director of stores Oren Agai, Becca Cason Thrash and John Thrash (both donning their own Hublot watches), Greg Fourticq Jr., Shelby Hodge and Shafik Rifaat, Ferrari Houston GM Tony Nevotti and his wife Laurie, Houston store director Isabel Sorum, Libby Cagle, Sabiha Rehmatulla, Laura Mudd, and Holland Vavra.