17th Annual International GLBT-Q Film Festival

Divine Dining For Q-Fest Kickoff

Phoebe Seward. Photography Anthony Pathburn.  |  Photos by Anthony Pathburn
December 27, 2013
Event Date:
July 25, 2013

An extravagant banquet launched the 17th Annual International GLBT-Q Film Festival. After the opening-night screening of I am Divine at the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston, Sir Mark Fehrs Haukohl invited a group of supporters to a post-film feast at Hotel ZaZa. The setting paid homage to the late star of the documentary, underground icon Divine, with whom Haukohl had been a close acquaintance. The international drag superstar would have deemed the night Divine, of course! Cueing up for the queen: George Lancaster, Rusty Arena, Tripp Carter, McKay Otto and Keith Coffee, Michael Sosso and Brian Campbell, and Q-Fest board president and artistic director Kristian Salinas.