Glasstire Auction

Art-on-the-Block Party

Catherine D. Anspon. Photography Martin Yaptangco.  |  Photos by Martin Yaptagco
December 27, 2013
Event Date:
November 06, 2013

When a gala gets reimagined, we hold our breaths — especially in the art world, where Glasstire’s raucous annual ball (co-hosted with Fresh Arts) was disbanded, to be replaced by a more focused collecting opportunity: the Glasstire Auction. Cue year two. The new auction venue — Carol Piper Rugs’ handsome kingdom of antique and custom contemporary carpets — was the perfect backdrop for a lively live auction of 16 works by Texas artists in some unexpected media, including the chance to have your famille memorialized Claymation style courtesy of wry man about town Seth Mittag, the animator/sculptor.

GT founder Rainey Knudson and chair quartet Leslie and Mark Hull and Karen and Harry Susman presided, the latter scoring the incredibly obsessive Superorganism by Patrick Turk — a year-in-the-making collage cut from vintage natural-history volumes and other odd ephemera. And did we mention The Art Guys auctioneered? With wise-quipping Michael Galbreth and Jack Massing wielding gavels, you know you’re in for a loose, organic sort of bid-a-rama. And bid they did: The six-figure night, which supported the creatives as well as the mission of Glasstire (which ranks among the top online art sites in America) exceeded last year’s total. All lots went to happy new homes, including the Mittag portrait commission won by Julie Kinzelman and Chris Tribble; a fine abstract canvas painted by Ludwig Schwarz, going to Kelley and Donald Young; Mike Osborne’s conceptual photograph, destined for the collection of Leigh and Reggie Smith; Barry Stone’s beautiful, photographic take on a Degas portrait, nabbed by Clint Willour to donate to a lucky museum; and the Joel Sampson sound sculpture, set for a time-sharebetween pals Martha Claire Tompkins and Marley Lott.

Some $135,000 later — sans sexy snow maidens, robust firemen or egregious cheeseheads — this was one for the annals of Texas art. Patrons with paddles: Christine and Ramon West; Ryan Reitmeyer; Lisa and Russell Sherrill; Marita and J.B. Fairbanks; Elisa and Chris Pye; Cullen Geiselman; Eleanor and Dan Gilbane; Piper’s daughter Melissa Reilly; Katherine and Bill Phelps; Jereann Chaney; Jurate Kopecky; Rice Gallery’s Kim Davenport, who weighed in on the lots; artist Libbie Masterson; and gallerists Arturo Palacios,  Fredericka Hunter, and David Shelton.