Brilliant Lecture Series' "Stradivarius Show"

Edvin Marton Makes Sweet, Sweet Music at His Texas Debut

Erin Oppenheim. Photography Chris Brown.  |  Photos by Chris Brown
January 02, 2014
Event Date:
September 20, 2013

Violin virtuoso and award-winning composer Edvin Marton received a jubilant welcome when he arrived in town for Stradivarius Show, a concert co-presented by Tenenbaum & Co. Classic Jewelers and the Brilliant Lecture Series. The always elegant Lynn Wyatt invited Marton and two dozen of Houston’s artistic elite to her home for a kickoff cocktail party. After a few words about his experiences as a world-famous musician, Marton offered the group a preview of his concert. Everyone held their breaths as he carefully removed his instrument from its case: a 316-year-old violin handcrafted by the Stradivarius family in 1697 and worth more than $3 million. Entranced: Tenenbaum co-owners Kevin Black and Tony Bradfield, Brilliant Lecture Series’ founder Scott Brogan, Antoine Plante with wife Lori Muratta, Karen Farber, Gracie and Bob Cavnar, Michael Linn, Isabel and Danny David, William Middleton, Melissa and Michael Mithoff, Christina Stith, and Patrick Summers. When the big night arrived, music enthusiasts packed the Wortham Theater as Marton took the stage and filled the room with breathtaking harmonies, his fingers moving expertly across the strings. He performed such classics as Vivaldi’s Storm and Spring, Beethoven’s Fifth and the original compositions Tosca Fantasy and Romeo and Juliet, which he wrote to accompany 2006 Winter Olympics figure skaters. By the end of the night, the audience was on its feet. Awestruck aficionados: Judith Oudt, Lacy Baird, Paula and Irving Pozmantier, Bianca and Gilbert Yipp, Richard Hernandez, Laura Hendlmyer, Charlene Simmons, Shelby and Jeff Damiani, Mark Nance, and Missi Cash.