The Citizenry’s Newest Collection Wants to Make Home a Little Dreamier

Wrap Yourself Up in the Dallas Brand's Ethically Woven Organic Turkish Cotton

BY Caitlin Clark // 10.15.20

One of the best compliments I received in the year 2019 was when some guy told me my townhouse looked like a showroom for The Citizenry. I think he meant in a sort of a snide, real original sort of way, but I proudly took it as a compliment. I love The Citizenry, and the Dallas-based brand’s globally sourced, sustainably made pieces that are perfectly in my price range. Sure, one day I’d love for some guy to say, “Wow, Jan Showers really went wild in here” about my home, but today I’m just fine with where things stand.

And yet, I’m not fine, because The Citizenry just released a new collection and I don’t own any of it yet.

Launched on October 9 (that’s six whole days ago, ugh), the Turkey collection focuses on the bedroom suite, with intricately handwoven organic Turkish cotton duvets, quilts, bath towels, and sheets. As they do with every new collection, the team gathered inspiration from the source, traveling throughout Turkey and partnering with more than 1,8000 artisans from Denizli (a top spot for textiles) to the Aegean coast with its wealth of organic cotton.

The pieces look just as lush and tranquil as you might imagine. Product imagery shows crisp sheets, rumpled just so. Creamy cotton towels hang over freestanding tubs. Any other year, the setup might simply seem like a nice place to sleep. Today, when your bed can double as an office, the scene looks even more ideal.

The goal of The Citizenry’s new collection is something we can all certainly get behind right now: to create a sense of sanctuary at home.

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