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The Winning Projects of the 2023 PaperCity Design Awards Dallas

And the Winners Are ....

BY // 11.13.23

The annual PaperCity Design Awards Dallas were presented Monday, November 13 in the ballroom at Virgin Hotels Dallas, with master of ceremonies Martyn Lawrence Bullard doing the honors.

The awards recognize outstanding projects by Dallas and Fort Worth interior designers and architects in 21 categories and were selected out of hundreds of submissions by our panel of judges.

This year’s judges included: Peter Dunham, Peter Dunham & Associates, Peter Dunham Textiles, Los Angeles; Paul Wiseman, The Wiseman Group, San Francisco; Brian Sawyer and John Berson, Sawyer | Berson, NYC; John Ike, Ike Baker Velten Architecture, Oakland, CA; Jeff Dungan, Jeffrey Dungan Architects, Mountain Brook, AL; Gary McBournie, Gary McBournie Inc., Boston; Jesse Carrier and Mara Miller, Carrier and Company Interiors, NYC; and Darren Henault, Darren Henault Interiors, NYC.

Winning projects and runners-up will be published in a special portfolio in the January/February 2024 issue of PaperCity Dallas (50,000 issues).

Thank you to our PaperCity Design Awards Sponsors: Dallas Design District, HN Capital, Monogram Luxury Appliances, New Orleans Auction Galleries, Frontgate, Virgin Hotels Dallas, Rosewood Mansion on Turtle Creek and Baccarat.

Dallas Design Awards



Firm: H.H. Lydick Interiors

Lead Designer: Holly Lydick

Judges’ Remarks

“The wood, the stone, the honesty of the old ’90s vibe but so, so much better. It just feels like a good weekender kind of place I’d love to visit.” — Jeff Dungan

“Feels like the epitome of an elegant ranch house. Love the woods, love the eclectic furnishings, love the atmosphere. Please send me here, too!” — Peter Dunham

“Style and charm appropriate to the house.” — Darren Henault 

Honorable Mention

Suzy Childress, Childress Interiors

Childress Interiors, Honorable Mention (Photo by Nathan Schroder)


Firm: Eskenasy Ferguson Architecture

Lead Architects: Alex Eskenasy, Michael Ferguson

Additional Recognition: Interior design Tom Scheerer

Judges’ Remarks

“The planning is thoughtful and well-executed. The indoor and outdoor space makes the experience of being in a small cottage feel much larger, and the bamboo bar is a little dash of whimsy — but just the right amount.” — Jeff Dungan

“Elegant yet relaxed, this really is the dream guest house. The bamboo bar is a future design icon.” — Peter Dunham

“Love that bar!” — Darren Henault

Honorable Mention

Heidi Arwine, Heidi Arwine Interiors

Dallas Design Awards
Heidi Arwine Interiors, Honorable Mention (Photo by Stephen Karlisch)


Firm: Smitharc Architecture + Interiors

Lead Architect: Jason Erik Smith

Additional Recognition: Erin Sander Design, Garden Design Studio, Kienast Homes

Judges’ Remarks

“This is a dazzling project where the disciplined massing and minimalist palette add up to a captivating design. And who could not help being seduced by the auto lounge!” — John Berson

“I love this house! Photography is great as well. Such an elegant floor plan with layers creating just the right amount of privacy but giving the neighbors a voyeuristic peek at that sexy silver Ferrari. The plan is tight, the materials are rich, and the forms are confident and well proportioned. Bravo!” — John Ike

“Great massing and proportions. Limestone and blonde cypress complement each other nicely.” — Paul Wiseman 

Honorable Mention

Rizi Faruqui, Bang Dang, Far Dang

Far Dang, Honorable Mention (Photo by Robert Tsai)


Firm: Max Levy Architect

Lead Architects: Max Levy, Tom Manganiello

Additional Recognition: Robyn Menter Design Associates

Judges’ Remarks

“Really brilliant layout of spaces in a hyper-logical use of forms with the contrast of whimsy and fun use of color and natural light. Just delightful.” — Jeff Dungan

“Love! Firstly, who doesn’t love Harbour Island? Seriously, this is a very creative and well thought-out house. Love the James Turrell-esque light wells. It’s of its place but could fit elegantly anywhere between Maine and La Jolla.” — Peter Dunham

“We love how the home envelops the surroundings and how the topography is part of the design. The architecture brings the outside in and creates a warm and inviting environment. The property offers expansive views yet feels nestled in and creates a sense of intimacy.”  — Jesse Carrier 

Honorable Mention

Rizi Faruqui, Bang Dang, Far Dang

Dallas Design Awards
Far Dang, Honorable Mention (Photo by Robert Tsai)


Firm: Cathy Kincaid Interiors

Lead Designer: Cathy Kincaid

Judges’ Remarks

“Very sophisticated yet very relaxed. Love the wallcovering, canopy, and the bed linens.” — Gary McBournie

“So pretty. You’d never want to close your eyes!” — Mara Miller

“Great decorating with good detail. We are decorators, for God’s sake. Work those textures, fill the volume!” — Darren Henault 

Honorable Mention

Chad Dorsey, Chad Dorsey Design

Chad Dorsey Design, Honorable Mention (Photo by William Abronowitz)


Firm: Heidi Perry Interiors

Lead Designer: Heidi Perry

Additional Recognition: Khoury Vogt Architects

Judges’ Remarks

Smart, sassy, and sophisticated.” — Brian Sawyer

“The success of this kitchen lies in its simplicity of design and thoughtful detailing. It would be easy for this to look and function like a gracious wet bar when entertaining, instead of the hard-working kitchen it is.” — Mara Miller 

Honorable Mention

Erin Sander, Erin Sander Design

Dallas Design Awards
Erin Sander Design, Honorable Mention (Photo by Nathan Schroder)


Firm: Laura Lee Clark Interior Design

Lead Designer: Laura Lee Clark Falconer

Additional Recognition: William S. Briggs Architect, Robert Clark and Associates, builder

Judge’s Remark

“Beautiful detailing and awesome vanities. The marble work is sumptuous without being vulgar.” — Peter Dunham

Honorable Mention

Jason Erik Smith, Smitharc Architecture + Interiors

Dallas Design Awards
Smitharc Architecture + Interiors, Honorable Mention (Photo by Nathan Schroder)


Firm:  Erin Sander Design

Lead Designer: Erin Sander

Additional Recognition: William S. Briggs Architect, Faulkner Perrin Custom Homes

Judges’ Remarks

“Bunk rooms can feel utilitarian, but this beautifully integrated millwork is super sophisticated. The modern and artisanal furnishings, layered with warm and textural textiles and lighting, create a true resort feeling with a sense of place while staying contemporary and current.” — Mara Miller

“Great use of space, texture, and just an overall wonderful place for a child to grow up with great sleepovers.” — Darren Henault 

Honorable Mention

Lisa Henderson, Lisa Henderson Interiors

Dallas Design Awards
Lisa Henderson Interiors, Honorable Mention (Photo by Jacob Snavely)


Firm: Pickering House Interiors

Lead Designer: Josh Pickering

Judge’s Remark

Love this room! It exudes sophistication and elegance. The choice of fabric, furnishings, and colors is very well thought out.” — Gary McBournie

Honorable Mention

Javier Burkle, Burkle Creative

Dallas Design Awards
Burkle Creative, Honorable Mention (Photo by Jason Kindig)


Firm: Chad Dorsey Design

Lead Designers: Chad Dorsey, Stefania Morandi

Additional Recognition: Blume Architecture

Judges’ Remarks

“How can I get a membership to this private club? Love the rustic refinement and deft mix of furnishings. A lot of function and programming integrated beautifully.” — Mara Miller

“I will have a martini, slightly dirty, please.” — Gary McBournie

Honorable Mention

Laura Lee Clark Falconer, Laura Lee Clark Interior Design 

Dallas Design Awards
Laura Lee Clark Interior Design, Honorable Mention (Photo by Stephen Karlisch)

Firm: William S. Briggs Architect

Lead Architect: Harris Briggs

Additional Recognition: Traci White Designs, Ellen Grasso & Sons Custom Homes

Judges’ Remarks

“This is a next level bar with green and brass, and the detailing on the bar front is otherworldly.” — Jeff Dungan 

“This home bar is the definition of a jewel box. It feels like a night out, within a home.” — Jesse Carrier

Honorable Mention (Tie)

Janet Gridley, Janet Gridley Design

Heidi Perry, Heidi Perry Interiors

Dallas Design Awards
Janet Gridley Design, Honorable Mention (Photo by Stephen Karlisch)
Dallas Design Awards
Heidi Perry Interiors, Honorable Mention (Photo by Array Photography)


Project: Clifton Club

Firm: Wallace Johnson Studio

Lead Architect: Elizabeth Johnson

Lead Designer: Danyce Bonebrake

Additional Recognition: Lauren Doan, Wallace Johnson Studio

Judges’ Remarks

“A spiffy and thorough design; every element contributes to the evocative ambience. Beautiful craftsmanship as well.” — John Berson

“Very clubby and rich. The palette of saturated colors and comfortable-looking booths are just what the neon promises at the entry.” — John Ike

“Feels like Texas in the most appropriate way — western saloon quality with some glam.”     — Paul Wiseman 

Honorable Mention (3-Way Tie)

Elizabeth Johnson, Danyce Bonebrake, Wallace Johnson Studio, for Green Point Seafood & Oyster Bar

Gregory Ibañez, Ibañez Shaw Architecture, for 61 Osteria

Jesse Neargarder, Eugenio Reyes-Retana, Foxcroft Studio, for Walloon’s

Dallas Design Awards
Green Point Seafood & Oyster Bar, Wallace Johnson Studio, Honorable Mention (Photo by White Unicorn Agency)
61 Osteria, Ibañez Shaw Architecture, Honorable Mention (Photo by Dror Baldinger)
Walloon’s, Foxcroft Studio, Honorable Mention  (Photo by Jesse Neargarder)

retail design

Project: Mr. Winston’s

Firm: Foxcroft Studio

Lead Designers: Jesse Neargarder, Eugenio Reyes-Retana

Judges’ Remarks

“Wonderfully evocative and probably a great place to hang out. The tonsorial accoutrements that are so often clutter are nicely accommodated by the warm millwork. And what better way to crown this simple room than with a tiled vault.” — John Berson 

“More Wiener Werkstatte than New York. You’re definitely going to feel good about yourself after a shave and shampoo in this place.” — John Ike

Honorable Mention

Deborah Lloyd Forrest, ForrestPerkins, for Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas

Dallas Design Awards
Spa at The Ritz-Carlton, Dallas, ForrestPerkins, Honorable Mention  (Photo by Brandon Barré)


Project: Frisco Public Library

Firm: Gensler

Lead Architect: Paul Manno

Additional Recognition: Studio Outside Landscape Architecture

Judges’ Remarks

“A skillful adaptive reuse where the existing structure appears robust and reassuring. The huge room is fitted out in a sensible and accommodating design. The staircase and dinosaur skeleton share center stage.” — John Berson

“It definitely makes reading fun. The mixed-use program fits nicely in the different zones of the repurposed structure. The mix of facade types makes an otherwise overwhelming structure human scaled and approachable.” — John Ike

“Happy and interactive. Lovely. Fully thought-through.” — Paul Wiseman 

Honorable Mention (Tie)

Vandana Nayak, Kevin Mereness, Lauren Mereness, Brad Bailey, Perkins&Will, for Parker Performance Institute

Tiffany Woodson, Ink + Oro, for McCarthy Building Companies

Parker Performance Institute, Perkins&Will, Honorable Mention (Photo by Garrett Rowland)
Dallas Design Awards
McCarthy Building Companies, Ink + Oro, Honorable Mention (Photo by Cole Horchler)

Historical Restoration-Preservation- Residential heading (Photo by Jonathan Zizzo)

Firm: Maestri Studio

Lead Designer and Architect: Eddie Maestri

Additional Recognition: Interior design Katie Paulsen, Sue Robuck, Maestri Studio

Judge’s Remark

“We are impressed by the preservation and livability of this Tudor. The team has thoughtfully conserved details while creating a space that works with modern lifestyles. We love how open and light the home is and the balance of more contemporary furniture, lighting, and textiles along with the traditional Tudor details.” — Jesse Carrier

Honorable Mention

Alexis Pearl, Alexis Pearl Design

Dallas Design Awards
Alexis Pearl Design, Honorable Mention (Photo by Robert Tsai)

Historical Restoration-Preservation- comercial heading (Photo by Jonathan Zizzo)

Project: Dallas County Records Building

Firm: Gensler

Lead Architect: Paul Manno

Additional Recognition: SWA Group Landscape Architects

Judge’s Remark

“The way the original details are highlighted, how light is brought in and how it functions for modern office needs is remarkable. The functionality and preservation of this space serve as inspiration for future preservation projects.” — Jesse Carrier

Honorable Mention

Caroline Todd, Todd Interiors, for East Quarter Residences

Dallas Design Awards
East Quarter Residences, Todd Interiors, Honorable Mention (Photo by Gustav Schmiege)


Firm: MESA Design Group

Lead Designer: Mary Ellen Cowan

Additional Recognition: Smitharc Architecture, Susan Ferrier Interiors

Judges’ Remarks

“Elegant and airy.” — Brian Sawyer 

“Architecture and landscape are equals here. Both are confident and sumptuous. A great project with lush plantings and elegant details.” — John Ike

“The balance of the historic landscape and mid-century architecture is harmonious. We love how the existing landscape is highlighted and more modern elements are brought in.” — Jesse Carrier

Honorable Mention (Tie)

Dan Houchard, From the Ground Up

Melissa Gerstle, Melissa Gerstle Design

Dallas Design Awards
Dan Houchard, From the Ground Up, Honorable Mention (Photo by Jenifer McNeil Baker)
Melissa Gerstle, Melissa Gerstle Design, Honorable Mention (Photo by Stephen Karlisch)

commercial landscape design

Project: Continental Gin Building, Deep Ellum

Firm: Complete Landsculpture

Lead Designer: Santosh George

Additional Recognition: Chris Strempek, Complete Landsculpture; TKTR Architects; developer August Real Estate Co.

Judges’ Remarks

“This project is by far larger in scale and scope than the walkway and courtyard space. I was interested enough to view the website and found the building to be very interesting. It appears to be well-thought-out, and I appreciate the reuse/reinvigorate intent.” — Gary McBournie

“The subtle landscape interventions work nicely with the industrial structures. The wood boardwalk is an understated but effective contribution.” — John Berson

“Good, clear, and concise circulation.” — Brian Sawyer

Honorable Mention

Santosh George, Complete Landsculpture, for Ambrose Uptown Living

Ambrose Uptown Living, Complete Landsculpture, Honorable Mention (Photo by Chad Hatcher, Xtreme Heights)

Project: Grove Seating Series

Firm: Grove Studio

Lead Designers: Jim Looney, Julianne Cary, Adam Behm

Additional Recognition: Manufacturing LINK Outdoor

Judge’s Remark

Classic luxury.” — Brian Sawyer

Honorable Mention

Brandon Kershner, Azzurro Living, for Texoma

Texoma, Azzurro Living, Honorable Mention (Photo by Oleg Kuzmin)

Project: Debut Collection

Firm: Meredith Ellis Textiles

Lead Designer: Meredith Ellis

Judges’ Remarks

Love these patterns and agree that they are whimsical yet sophisticated. I will be shopping for them.” — Gary McBournie 

“What a great debut collection. A new approach to textile classics. Airy and inspired, casually elegant — feels like Bunny Mellon would have used this. Those blues and greens especially make me dream.”— Peter Dunham

“These colorful and refined designs could be used in any setting. We love how they stand alone but also layer beautifully with each other. The patterns are ones we find ourselves gravitating towards and love the balance they create in a space.” — Jesse Carrier

Honorable Mention

Mili Suleman, KUFRI, for Sahara

Sahara, KUFRI, Honorable Mention (Photo by PS.SWOON)

Project: Sunset at the Ranch

Firm: Sarah Wandrey Mosaics

Lead Designer: Sarah Wandrey

Judges’ Remarks

I love mosaics, and this was a creative solution.” — Gary McBournie

“I’m a sucker for mosaics. My brain goes right to the craftspeople who make magic installing these complicated designs.” — Peter Dunham

Honorable Mention

Ann Jackson, Ann Jackson Art, for Painterly Wallcoverings

Painterly Wallcoverings, Ann Jackson Art, Honorable Mention  (Photo by Rachel Heacox)

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