Houston’s Most Fabulous Kitchens — 6 Houses That Honor a Home’s Most Important Room

From High-Rise Stunners to Grand Mansions

BY Shelby Hodge // 01.17.19

Ah, the aroma of homemade cookies or the enticing smell of a spicy chili wafting through the kitchen. The tinkling of martini shakers or the pop of the champagne cork. Whatever the draw, the kitchen is the epicenter of the modern day home.

Throw a party and where do the guests most often congregate? The kitchen. Where does the family typically hang out? The kitchen.

In today’s world, living and cooking are going hand-in-hand with the kitchen serving as the welcoming hub for family activity. Thus, the marriage of pleasing esthetics and practicality for the home chef is paramount in kitchen design. This explains the must-have kitchen/family room component, an open plan that dictates a happy modality.

For those looking for 2019 trends in kitchen design, we suggest House Beautiful’s recent article on the subject.

For those interested in a look-see at fab Houston kitchens, there are a number of interesting designs from homes that are on the market, listed by Martha Turner Sotheby’s International Realty. Kitchen islands, trough sinks, six-burner gas cooktops, sleek minimalism, country classic  — our selections range from high rises to townhouses to grand single family homes offering design inspiration.

See the houses in full:

3 W. Rivercrest, 77042

609 Avondale St. , 77006

2102 Chilton Road,77019

1275 Post Oak Lane #802 ,77056

215 Maple Valley Road, 77056

2121 Kirby Drive #6NE,77019 (recently sold)

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