Perfume For Your Hair? This Dallas Brand With a French Connection Makes an Excellent Case

A New Indie Beauty Brand to Know

BY Kimber Westphall // 02.09.21

Hair perfume is having a moment, with every major fragrance brand (from Jo Malone to Byredo) offering their own specially formulated products that blend scent with styling. But there is one new indie beauty brand that deserves our attention: Eat. Sweat. Undress.

Founded by Dallas-based Alexia P. Hammonds, her collection of hair mists was developed out of Grasse, France, widely regarded as the perfume capital of the world. She likens the product to a nightcap for your hair — an extra flourish that punctuates the hair prep experience.

“I am proud to be the first Black woman to create fragrance in the historic birthplace of perfume,” Hammonds says. “Meeting master perfumers, gaining knowledge, and creating fragrance in a magical experience.”

So what is a hair mist? Hammonds explains it as a fine fragrance that adds nourishing benefits like keratin to the hair. Ingredients help strengthen the hair cuticle, adding shine and a conditioning effect along with a decadent fragrance. You may be wondering why you can’t just spray your favorite fragrance. Regular toilettes or parfums have a high alcohol concentration, which could dry out hair. “Our product is fabulous for everyday hair ritual use, ridding hair of any smells left by hot tools, refreshing sweaty strands after your workouts, and so much more,” Hammonds adds.

Eat. Sweat. Undress hair mists can be used anytime, from a post-workout refresh to a finishing touch.

Although Hammonds had grand plans for rolling out her brand, the events of last year forced a more under-the-radar launch. Fortunately, she had been able to make multiple trips to the lab she worked with in France before March of 2020, perfecting the notes and formulas of each of her five hair fragrances just as international travel shut down.

“It was scary executing the Eat. Sweat. Undress. dream into a reality during a global pandemic,” Hammonds says. “But I knew what I had to offer the world was special and would make women feel good.”

Hammonds created five distinct hair mists. There’s Diani Beach, a nod to the African destination with notes that include coconut, caramel, and ylang. Garden Party, with top notes of apple and peach, is a lighter fragrance. The most popular scents so far are unisex Koko Ni and Carnal 4, a sensual mix of bergamot, musk, and more. And though the line of hair mists owe a debt to the historic French region, Hammonds dedicated her fifth mist to her current home.

“I’m a firm believer that you can fall in love with cities the same way that you can fall in love with people,” Hammonds says. “For me, it’s Dallas. It makes me feel full. It allowed me to grow mentally, physically and spiritually. It truly saved my life.”

To learn more about Hammonds and her hair mist collection, visit Can’t decide which scent to try first? A Discovery Kit ($32) may be purchased to try out all five at once.


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