The Woodlands’ Newest Coffee Shop Brings Something Different to the Table — HeBrews Creates a Faith and Kid-Friendly Haven

The Entrepreneur Couple Behind This Place Started With One Trailer, But Just Keep Growing

BY Jessica Payne // 06.10.23

A new coffee house in The Woodlands is brewing up more than just java. HeBrews Coffeehouse The Woodlands is bringing something of a different business model, putting the emphasis on togetherness. HeBrews touts itself as a  faith and family-based company and the He in HeBrews refers to God.

“Our name is a play on words — He-Brews, and we truly believe that,” co-owner Marsha Wood tells PaperCity The Woodlands. “Our coffeehouse is actually set up like a home. We want people to experience a family-style environment that makes them feel welcome, cared for and cherished.”

Geoffrey and Marsha Wood are the couple behind this unique coffee haven. They started HeBrews with a coffee trailer in 2018 and opened the first HeBrews Coffeehouse brick and mortar shop in Magnolia in 2021. Now, HeBrews Coffeehouse The Woodlands is part of the mix.

Wood notes that HeBrews coffee shops are purposely set up like a home in an attempt to foster a bonding and relaxed environment. This entrepreneur couple has taken the idea of having a cup of coffee with family and friends to a new level by including a playground area for kids to play in.

“We believe there’s an unmet need for moms to have space for their kids to play while having a cup of coffee with friends or simply relaxing alone,” Wood says. “Kids can run and feel free while moms enjoy great lattes and coffee flights.”

Mothers and kids enjoy time together at new coffee shop called HeBrews Coffeehouse The Woodlands. (Photo courtesy HeBrews Coffeehouse)
Mothers and kids enjoy time together at new coffee shop called HeBrews Coffeehouse The Woodlands. (Photo courtesy HeBrews Coffeehouse)

The new Woodlands HeBrews coffee shop enjoyed a record-breaking opening for the still young company, something Wood notes she wasn’t expecting given the popularity of their coffeehouse in Magnolia.

“In Magnolia, we’ve had amazingly exponential days which we never thought could be surpassed,” Wood says. “We went viral about two years ago for our coffee flights. People came from all over the United States to experience this coffee phenomenon.

“But within the first week of The Woodlands location opening, we broke every record we ever had in Magnolia.”

In addition to the welcoming unique atmosphere, HeBrews customers can also rent out cozy meeting rooms for parties, family get-togethers, meetings and more.

This new Woodlands coffee shop also hosts events such as bible studies and worship nights. As for the drinks menu? Expect offerings such as earth matcha, those iced or hot coffee flights, a steak & egg quesadilla and a Monte Cristo sandwich.

HeBrews is also already getting ready to grow even more too. Geoffrey and Marsha Wood are preparing to open HeBrews Coffeehouse Conroe in the near future.

HeBrews Coffeehouse The Woodlands is located at 26403 Oak Ridge Drive. It is open 7:30 am to 4 pm Mondays through Thursdays, 7:30 am to 9 pm Fridays and 7:30 am to 2 pm Saturdays. It is closed Sundays.

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