New Honey Ice Cream Shop Brings Unique Sweet Treats to Mockingbird Station

You've Never Had Ice Cream Quite Like This

BY Megan Ziots // 05.24.19

A new ice cream shop is coming to town, just in time to help battle the summer heat. Pure Milk & Honey, a honey-based soft-serve ice cream shop, is having its Grand Opening this Saturday, May 25 at Dallas’ Mockingbird Station.

This primarily natural and organic shop will be serving soft-serve, sundaes and milkshakes at 5321 E. Mockingbird Lane, Suite 135.

Owner Cindy Chung always knew that she wanted to do something with sweets. As a kid, she loved baking. In 2014, she decided to pursue her passion for desserts and quit her job in the oil and gas industry.

“I traveled and ate around the world, then went to Germany for baking school in 2015,” Chung says. She took courses at the German National Bakers Academy.

After visiting Los Angeles and crossing paths with a little Asian soft serve shop in a strip mall, Chung was inspired to open her own soft-serve shop in Dallas. But to give it a healthy twist, she decided to use honey instead of sugar.

Pure Milk & Honey is sourcing local honey from Bonton Farms to concoct specialty soft-serve desserts. To create her flavors, Chung worked with a consultant in the ice cream business, Malcolm Stago. He runs the Ice Cream University, a company specializing in ice cream seminars, books, flavor R&D and education. When Chung approached Stago about creating a honey ice cream, Stago said: “I’ve never done it before. Let’s talk.”

Flavors on the menu include honey (plain and sweetened with honey), dark chocolate with unsweetened chocolate and banana. I tried all three and the banana was awesome. I can only imagine what the sundae will be like with homemade banana bread in the mix.

All sundaes will be topped with homemade baked items. Chocolate Explosion is topped with a brownie and the Parfait has granola. Going Bananas is soft-serve with honey and banana puree, topped with banana bread and Campfire has a toasted marshmallow on top. Specials will be changed out monthly with June’s set to be Strawberry Cheesecake.

Eventually, there will also non-dairy options with a coconut base and there are plans to add sorbet to the menu later this summer.

Pure Milk & Honey’s Grand Opening will take place this Saturday, May 25 from noon to 10 pm.

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